Policy advocacy and guidance

Policy advocacy & guidance

The purpose of the policy, advocacy and guidance area of focus is to improve supply chain resilience and ensure access to health commodities through policy advocacy and guidance.

The subareas of focus include:

  • Promoting supply chain policy, standards and best practices to improve public health supply chains.
    • The desired outcome is the development of policy briefs, updates and related documents that have appropriate content and branding for uptake.
  • Advocating participation and uptake of relevant supply chain policies.
    • The desired outcome is that current supply chain issues are remedied in countries.
  • Developing joint policy briefs and materials to advocate for improved supply chain management.
    • The desired outcome is that timely technical content is developed and made available to stakeholders.
  • Promoting policies to ensure access to health commodities and services by monitoring and predicting shortages and mitigating speculative purchasing.
    • The desired outcome is countries improve their capacity to detect shortages and contribute to global mitigation strategies.
  • Promoting supply chain resilience.
    • The desired outcome is that countries use the resiliency module to improve readiness for emergency responses.
  • Providing guidance to the membership on private sector engagement.
    • The desired outcome is that private sector contributions to ISG activities are available in a manner that meets the expectations of member agencies in terms of avoiding conflicts of interest and leveraging mutual interests.
The ISG policy, advocacy and guidance area of focus is led by the World Health Organization (WHO).


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