1. 1. UAS Evidence Generation Toolkit : This toolkit was developed by Village Reach with support from the ISG UAS Coordinating Body. This toolkit provides donors, governments, technology partners, and implementing partners tools and resources to improve the quantity, quality, and availability of evidence around the use of UAS. The toolkit contains an implementation roadmap, logical framework, priority indicators, data collection plans, and sample data collection tools.

  2. 2. UAV Use Case Prioritization Assessment : This work provides a foundation for both 1) prioritizing a short list of use cases for UAVs in global health and 2) beginning to detail the requirements to operationalize these use cases.

  3. 3. UAVs in Global Health: Defining a Collective Path Forward : This report identifies opportunities and challenges for UAVs to develop and scale in the global health context, and it lays out a proposed investment roadmap for donors to coordinate their investments strategically to shape and accelerate this market.

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