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UNICEF: leveraging the power of supply chains

A new publication centres on UNICEF’s supply chain strengthening efforts

© UNICEF Rindra Ramasomanana

UNICEF Supply Division’s most recent publication, Leveraging the Power of Public Supply Chains to drive change for children every day, across the globe, highlights the organisation’s wealth of expertise and successes in strengthening government supply chains.

UNICEF’s supply role has evolved over the last decade with an increasing focus on strengthening national supply chains and as such the publication serves as a process guide and compendium of proven methods for strengthening supply chains.

The document provides a succinct overview of the technical areas and types of support provided by UNICEF across all levels of the organisation.

In painting a picture of UNICEF Supply Division’s work, the publication uses examples from countries including Afghanistan, Central African Republic and Malawi.

Download the publication here.

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